What is easy web?

Easy Web is designed to combine the process of making easy read websites and easy read documentation, making it quicker, simpler and easier for the user.


Easy web achieves this goal by providing the user with a way to export an easy read document to an existing website or a downloadable document. The user is given one interface to create both formats, killing two birds with one stone.

The interface

The interface was designed with easy read in mind. Each easy read row is presented as its own entity in the application which gives the user the option to add an image and text for each row.

At the end of each row, the user is given the option to remove the statement from the document or add a new one above or below the existing row.

Why it was created?

The reason for this application results from research in the process of making easy read documents and the need to make this process quicker, faster and easier.

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What is easy read

It’s a format which makes information easier to understand for people with learning disabilities or people with other conditions which may affect how they process information.

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