The need for easy web?

The need for easy web comes from the problems I faced during my work on the project called Staffordshire Cares. I was task to create a set of easy read pages for people with learning disabilities. Easy web resolves some of the problems which I and the team faced during the population of the site.

Production of easy read

To understand the production of easy read documents and the reason why companies would resort to using a pdf document rather than a dedicated website, an investigation with people who make these documents was conducted. This has helped to understand the process of making an Easy Read document and how they think it the production could be improve to make it easier when making easy read for the web.


The results of this investigation has showed that the people who created easy read documents would use tools such as word processors or a publishing tool like Adobe InDesign and take an average time of a few days to a week to produce the documents. This included the process of translating an existing document into easy read.

As for publishing the document to the web, a majority of participant would rather us a pdf rather than a dedicated site or page as a way to present this information because it was easier to publish a pdf rather than making a webpage and it can easily be printed out and given to a person if needed.


One last question was asked to the participant of the investigation about how the production could be improved. This resulted with a system that combined the process of making an easy read document and easy read site, merging the jobs into one.